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L. David Wheeler's Live Journal, The World's Most Boring Blog
26th-Apr-2014 03:09 pm
ShaveDave, jar
... And radio silence, or LJ silence, for more than three months. Sorry, folks. I still like LJ and don't want to participate in its slow crawl into the realm of the defunct, but sometimes it's easy to forgot about. So, here's the bullet-point update.

Weddingstuff: Plans proceed at a crawl -- basically, we've picked the date (Aug. 2) booked the venue (Seneca Lake State Park in Geneva, NY), asked my pastor to preside, and picked our wedding party, and made a tentative guest list. (No small feat, that -- Diane's was easy, but getting four men who were free from prior commitments and actually in the country at the time was like arranging an exchange of prisoners. The inimitable mrgoodwraith will no doubt do a stellar job as best man.) We need to get moving on sending invitations so we can arrange for food (once we get RSVPs back), getting the wedding party clothed, arranging lodging for the out-of-towners among them, planning the ceremony, printing programs and so forth. Diane has been under the weather lately, so plans are proceeding slowly. Fortunately, I have a vacation coming up in a week, so after spending a weekend at Eeriecon, we can get moving on this stuff -- as well as making some serious dents in clearing out and cleaning my apartment, as the lease expires at the end of July, two days before the wedding. Whew. Weddingstuff is stressfulstuff -- but fortunately, the Marriagestuff is what's important and lasting.

Workstuff: I remain at The Company, doing mostly copy editing, text management for our off-site page designers (heh, off-state, not just off-site, and still writing the very occasional A&E piece. I have a good one coming up about a local science fiction/fantasy anthology called Rochester Rewritten in which the guiding theme is: Rochester, NY, with a different history. Go. So there's one set in a vaguely steampunky 19th century that also has active sorcery (and in which the Brits still rule); one in which a certain photography pioneer is a serial killer; one murder mystery set in the "Ville de Rochefort" (the area being part of New France, the French having won the Seven Years War); one about a man horrified to have run over an alien refugee on Route 490, and so forth. Good stuff; highly recommended even if you don't live in the ROC or know anything about it. I still have tendrils out for better-paying jobs, but for now this remains OK. Especially since in a few months I lose around $800 of current single monthly expenses when I close out my apartment.

Familystuff: Which is essentially Momstuff. She remains OK -- still in her own home after her stint last fall recovering in nursing homes from a pelvic fracture and a heart attack. Her scoliosis appears to be worsening. She remains mentally acute, except for a repeated (but intermittent) confusion about what time of day it is. I'm very thankful that, God willing, she will be around to attend our wedding.

Nerdstuff: Sad to miss FilKONtario this weekend -- need to save the money, and that's always an expensive con for me. Will make Eeriecon next weekend, what with concert slots for both Ookla the Mok and Partners in K'Rhyme, and with mrgoodwraith trying to organize a reunion of Radiance, our old college SF/F club he founded back in '89. Should be un-gaffiated by OVFF, if not before. We'd love to make it to Confluence this year, if the timing -- the weekend before our wedding -- doesn't make that unrealistic. (I can always say I'm in conference with my best man, who's running the filk at the con.)

Lifestuff: Generally happy. And still thankful for all y'all.

Words: Rochester Rewritten from R-Spec Press
Sounds & Images: Smell No Evil by Ookla the Mok
State O'Mind: Anticipatory, and content
26th-Apr-2014 08:41 pm (UTC)
You are missed at FKO. And you are missing a great one. To future cons and plans!
27th-Apr-2014 12:32 pm (UTC)
Nice to see the details of the things I see the snippets of on facebook. Not meant to be a negative - I do the same, though I never get around to the detailed version here, though I am hoping to start writing here again.... So happy for you!! :)
5th-May-2014 03:58 am (UTC)
We'll miss y'all this year, but still: squee!
5th-May-2014 04:03 am (UTC)
Jerri - Confluence is certainly looking do-able, particularly since we've moved the wedding to September for personal reasons. So we certainly hope to see you! I'm looking forward to introducing Diane to you.
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