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L. David Wheeler's Live Journal, The World's Most Boring Blog
21st-Oct-2011 12:58 am
ShaveDave, jar
Forgive me, all y'all -- it's been nearly two months since my last confession, er, post. But I have a night off before leaving for OVFF in the morning -- these days I always schedule myself a buffer day before any weekend away, because there are usually 4,593 errands to do at the last minute, plus I'm Gettin' Old -- so I might do a quick catchin'-up rundown. This one probably will live up to my LJ's subtitle, "The World's Most Boring Blog."

* Two weeks ago, I went to my 20-year college reunion at Houghton. Not too many there from the class of '91 -- most folks in my age cohort have school-age kids (many of middle- or high-school age), and October's not an optimum time for a long weekend. But it was much fun. Being in that atmosphere, around current students, usually sparks ruminations about the passage of time. Not so much the Yeeks, We're All Old kind, but more, the recollection of how long four years seemed when I was in college; and how quickly four years blinks by in my current life. I tend to think it's because, by and large, back then the years were divided into sectors (semesters) with an intense focus; the semester and its tasks and people were my whole life. And each semester, each month, each week, each day could be significantly different from the one before and the one after. And a day was divided into so many different segments -- classes of an hour or hour and a half, labs or workshops of a couple hours, a study session here, a meal there, a workout here, a wings run there, maybe a zip out to the Big City on a weekend (which, where we were, would have been ... Olean). Whereas in my current life, my work rhythms -- and most of my life rhythms -- haven't changed much from week to week, month to month. (Though there have been some notable changes lately.) The other thing is, of course, we were all younger and had more energy and could pack more into a day. Wasn't really going anywhere with this line of thought; just ruminatin'.

* Got to see They Might Be Giants with Jonathan Coulton a couple months ago at Harro East Ballroom in Rochester with a few friends. I like TMBG, but my friends were all Major Fans, especially vernicus -- they were much fun, and I heartily joined in the "APES" chant as much as anyone else, but I was more there for Coulton, who delivered. He had a band with him; I haven't heard him in that framework; but then the only time I'd seen him live before was when he made it to Confluence back in '96.

* Workwise, a few weeks back I began editing and writing for a two-page arts-and-entertainment spread in the Sunday edition of our paper -- replacing a couple of canned specialty pages that had little reader interest. I'm liking this quite a bit -- my nearly two years of editing the Thursday A&E/coming-events section in 2008-10 were, I think, the pinnacle of my career thus far; and I was quite depressed for several months after I was pulled from it in a newsroom restructuring. I continued to contribute to the Thursday section, but it really wasn't the same: It wasn't something over which I had ownership, something in which I was invested. So this is my return to spearheading an A&E section that's essentially my vision from start to finish, and which allows for longer-form pieces than the Thursday section allows. (And Sundays -- being a tetch more leisurely -- are a better fit for my writing style. I've done some pieces I'm fairly proud of, including an introduction of the new Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra director; an overview of the area gay/lesbian fim festival (ImageOut); and an interview with Derek Trucks in preparation for the Trucks Tedeschi Band's Rochester concert this Saturday (which is where I would be if I weren't at OVFF). My other duties haven't been diminished, but I'm doing work I'm passionate about again, which raises my energy level for everything else.

* Finally read Moby-Dick, and ... meh. I expected to, and wanted to, like it more than I did, but can't really analyze why. Anyone else have that experience with the White Whale?

* Made it to the Canandaigua Comic Con last week. Major find -- other than a lot of discounted back issues of Adventure, as I'm a sucker for Paul Levitz writing the Legion characters -- was Chris Watkins' collection of his Odori Park webcomic strips about a young, dual-ethnic couple. It's a Much Fun slice-o'-life strip. Here's the website; it started recently enough that a tour through the archives shouldn't take that long. (As opposed to when I discovered Questionable Content about 700 strips in.

I needs to get to bed, since I want to get out on the road by 9:30ish -- want to make the Pegasus nominees concert at the very least. Got to almost the whole thing last year -- would've made it had I not hit about 23 different construction work zones throughout Ohio.
21st-Oct-2011 09:38 am (UTC)
I've pretty much passed on every opportunity to go to reunions so far. Mostly due to conflicts but sort of was okay with it too. If I was local to them and could just go for a couple hours it would be one thing but an entire weekend or more has just never appealed.

I absolutely loved reading Moby Dick a couple of years ago, but from talking to others I seem to be more in the minority.... Not really sure why.

See you at the con! :)
25th-Oct-2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
Yay for doing work you're passionate about! I look forward to reading your further adventures.
9th-Dec-2011 04:20 pm (UTC)
A bit belated, but found your blog and wanted to say it was nice meeting you at the CanCon, David! So glad you've been enjoying the book, and thanks for linking the site! Hope you're enjoying the year's first lake effect snow...

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