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L. David Wheeler's Live Journal, The World's Most Boring Blog
28th-Aug-2011 09:03 pm
ShaveDave, jar
A heads-up to the filkers and filk-friendly folks among my f-list: In the comments of my previous post, hapaxnym is looking for "modern" (meaning the last dozen years or so, I take it) filk recommendations for her daughter, who came across her old Julia Ecklar and Echo's Children discs and loved 'em. I gave about half a dozen recommendations, but feel free to chime in yourselves.
29th-Aug-2011 03:41 pm (UTC)
You've provided excellent suggestions.

Regardless of what someone has liked so far, I'd include SJ Tucker on any list of recommendations these days - on her own and as part of Tricky Pixie. Her performance level is such that she seems to have transcended people's usual tastes in music. I particularly like Mischief and Sirens and Mythcreants. A number of the songs are celtic in nature.

And I'd challenge anyone to listen to Brooke and John's Mad Science Cafe CD and not find stuff they like.

There are just so many possibilities!

29th-Aug-2011 10:28 pm (UTC)
Mary Crowell's "Courting My Muse" and Brooke Lunderville and John Caspell's "Steel Cage match" come to mind. Oh, and SJ Tucker. Oh, "Abseiling for beginners" by playing Papunzel. (I know you already mentioned Wild Mercy, Vixy and Tony, and Talis Kimberly, but I'll second those).

Is Urban Tapestry recent enough? I think "Myths and Urban Legends" is my favorite of theirs. And Three Weird Sisters' "Hair of the Frog."

And Tom Smith, of course. I like his :Digital Acoustic Colletion" if that's recent enough.
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