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12th-Apr-2011 01:42 pm
OK, if I don't get these remembrances done now, they'll never get done, as FilKONtario's a week in the past now. So ...

* Slept in Saturday -- it'd been a long week -- and, sadly, missed Karen's concert due to showering, dressing and attempting to caffienate in the con-suite. Heh -- I kept managing to hit the suite at just the time the "real" coffee was being brewed. My usual Big Props to the con-suite organizers; of the conventions with which I'm familiar, FKO's consistently has the best selection of foodstuff and the most spacious, comfortable and inviting atmosphere. (Confluence's is a really good suite on the food front; it's just a fairly tiny suite.)

* Made it to Talis' and Wild Mercy's concerts -- and I'll join the chorus of accolades for Wild Mercy; their hour was one of the best concerts at a convention I've experienced in some nine or so years of going to these things regularly. A deft mix of their own material, some trad-Celtic (but given fresh arrangement), Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," and songs from seanan_mcguire, vixyish, quadrivium and others. (mrgoodwraith surprised the band -- and delighted quadrivum by popping up by the stage and delivering the Roger Rabbit-"p-p-please" at the end of "When I Grow Up." Heh.) The addition of sweetmusic_27 made a strong band even stronger.

* For that matter, there was some truly exquisite jammin' going on this weekend. There were a few songs in Saturday's circle -- as when Wild Mercy led a rendition of Bruce Cockburn's "If I Had A Rocket Launcher" (which Rand likened, somewhat accurately, to an imprecatory psalm) and the entire room joined in on clarinet, fiddle, guitar, bodhran, keys, shaker egg, anything they had, to make it a magical experience. And pretty much any performance during the weekend was heightened by Amy and Mary adding fiddle and clarinet.

* I usually don't go to the Hall of Fame banquet -- April being tax-time, I'm usually watching my cash, plus the tickets are usually just about sold out when I get there -- though I may have had I suspected Urban Tapestry were among the winners. (I've posted before about how UT has always been one of the exemplars for me of What Filk Is All About.) So mrgoodwraith, erinwrites, Rand and I made our traditional run to Teriyaki, where the conversation hovered over various topics but ended up landing on comic books. Shocker, I know. Big congrats to all the inductees: Ellen's one of those people with whom I've shared circles for years but never really realized how integral their contributions have been. (Heh - I do the "guess the inductees by ferreting who normally wouldn't be here" game just like everyone else and had guessed Talis and Joey Shoji.)

* I've posted before on how I think the song "Hallelujah" could use a vacation. I hereby add a clause: "except when performed by Wild Mercy." *smiles*

* I'm always happy to find someone in a circle who hasn't heard my "The Beagle" and is thus surprised when the "whaaaahhh-whahhhhh-whaaaaaaaahhh" refrain kicks in. (This time it was Jen from WM.) Heh, that was the first filk song I'd written, back in 2003, and while it's not my favorite of my repertoire -- don't really have a favorite -- it seems to be my one Guaranteed Crowd-Pleaser.

* An enjoyable and diverse Hall of Fame concert -- the Lady Mondegreen Subset's parody of Lyle Lovett's "If I Had A Boat" would be, hands-down, in my all-time top-10 list of parodies if I had one. And it was good to see the NESFA-hymnal style represented, though it's not really one of my favorite stylings of filk. Jam was much fun, too.

* Scouted around for a dinner spot between the jam and the Dead Penguin, and heard about the Indian restaurant Nirvana from janeg. Around six of us joined their party, and around half a dozen others joined us -- and that may have been an overwhelming number for them, as the service was in the top two or three slowest I'd ever experience. (Wasn't thrilled that they tried to charge us for the naan and rice that we didn't order and had been told came with the meal -- a bit of gentle hell-raising on Jane's part expunged that from the bill.) Still, the food itself was excellent, as was the company.

* Couldn't really get comfortable in the giant Sunday-night filk room, so -- after waiting awhile for the business-office computer to get free so I could print out some lyrics -- I joined a smaller circle in what was the dealer's room, with decadentdave, talis_kimberley, [Bad username: maverickweirdo"], billroper, [Bad username: sweetmusic_27"] and others. Some wondrous jamming and harmonies on the Dead's "Ripple" led by Dave. (Sadly, by the time I joined the circle, Talis was beginning to pack up for the night, though I heard a few of her songs from the doorway; customarily powerful material.) I chanced doing vixyish's "No Hurry," my favorite of her songs (which means it beats out a lot of strong material), and it went surprisingly well for a first time and no real run-through. (That's the one where I was waiting on the lyrics, as I didn't want to, say, transpose bridge and blackberry stanzas.)

* Turned in by 1-ish; joined mrgoodwraith and a friend for coffee at the A&W Monday morning, said a few goodbyes and drove into Toronto proper -- since I didn't have to go to work until Tuesday afternoon, I thought I'd wander into the city, as I hadn't really been in the city since TorCon, back in 2003. As it happened, though, I really wasn't in a mood to do most tourist/sightseeing-type things alone, so after taking a walk, eating lunch in a tiny Thai restaurant and visiting the Bakka Phoenix bookstore (picked up some Guy Gavriel Kay and China Mieville), I got on the road. And was subjected to a random check at the border, but it was quick and relatively non-odious.

And zat was this year's FilKONtario from the LDW's-eye perspective. Next fannish-type event on my agenda is the lovely Confluence. And with Robert Sawyer as author GOH, I may even make it out of the filk track more than once or twice.
12th-Apr-2011 06:23 pm (UTC)
Heh... I can understand the ambivalence about Hallelujah. I love the song, but even I get tired of it after awhile. France and Jan kinda have standing requests for it, though, and it certainly gained a lot Saturday night from 40 extra voices and a dozen extra instruments. :-P

I'm glad you liked the concert... we certainly had fun with it, especially since we actually got to rehearse the whole thing with Amy, which almost never happens (that whole problem of her being three states away...). And I'll see you at Confluence!
13th-Apr-2011 01:11 pm (UTC)
Long ago (it now seems), I went through a period of hearing Hallelujah too often...so I attempted an LJ-based exorcism. Since we hadn't met at that time -- and because I'm basically a nasty person -- here's a link to my "commentary".

Note: Dave, don't click the link; you've already suffered enough for this particular sin. :-)
13th-Apr-2011 04:08 am (UTC)
PLEASE tell me you or somebody recorded that group sing of "If I Had A Rocket Launcher"...! That's my fave Bruce Cockburn song of all.
13th-Apr-2011 07:57 am (UTC)
I didn't myself, but I know there was at least one recording implement set up — maybe check with Crystal and Steve?
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